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For 20 years Salvy Ortiz has been dedicated to the development of several projects for tv, films and web. Born in Manhattan, NYC in 1979, Ortiz co- produced different type of work with a few American companies such as MTV, MTV 2, Speed Network, Disney and Major League Baseball. In 2010, he won the "Micros" award from the Puerto Rico Film Commission and directed two short films ("Como Volver a Vivir" and “Deceptio”), both award winners in different film festivals around the island, winning two years in a row the "Best PR Short Film" and the "Audience Choice" at the Rincón International Film Festival (2012 and 2013). 

Following the success of these projects, Ortiz has been represented by a few Puerto Ricans production houses, Praxxis Film PR and POV Creative Media amount others, as a film director, for tv commercials, documentaries and music videos, working with different client’s brands such as Freshmart, Mi Pan y Asociados, Hyundai PR, Walmart, Coors Light, Medalla Light, Chrysler Group LLC, and others. He was a jury member and Vice President of the Jury of a few film festivals in Puerto Rico and successfully produced his workshop "Dirección On Set" in several local towns and universities. 

In recent years he’s been dedicated to the advertising and marketing world for different private companies and the creation of content for the third sector, particularly for non-profit organizations. Achieving the creation of marketing strategies, videos and photography used for both promotional and fundraising campaigns.

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